Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spinner Rack: New comics for September!

Release date info from Mike's Amazing World of Comics. Scans from the Grand Comics Database.


  1. I've noticed each month that Gold Key, Harvey, Dell, and Archie are always represented, but never any "Dennis the Menace" titles.

  2. The JLA Annual remains an all-time favorite, as does the ADVENTURE which I read over and over and over! The BATMAN I remember reading one day when my Dad drove my Mom in to work on her day off for some reason. I sat in the car with it. I had been looking forward to that FLASH die to the wedding announcement ads. Same with PLASTIC MAN whom I knew from the recent DIAL H FOR HERO appearance. The SUPERMAN was my first issue, as was the AVENGERS, the DD and the THUNDER AGENTS. As a huge Bat-fan, I loved the JERRY LEWIS! Picked up lots of the Harvey kids stuff, too, but also DOUBLEDARE ADVENTURES with B-Man—terrible now but a favorite then! Got a lot of the other Marvels and DCs, too. Still too young for CREEPY or BUNNY, both of which would be later favorites.